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MASMÄSTAREN is Uskavigårdens camp facility.

Are you looking for a large house that sleeps many and has its own kitchen and dining room? Then you have come to the right place. As Masmästaren is excellent for both small and larger groups, with the option of adding extra room in the hostel. The kitchen gives the group excellent choices in regards to food, self-catering, full board, or something in between, all options are available to you.


GRUVFOGDEN is the hostel at Uskavigården. the standard is a little higher than in Masmästaren. All rooms have their own toilet and sink. Showers and access to a kitchen are available on the lower floor. Gruvfogden is located 40 meters from Masmästaren and has 48 beds spread over 12 rooms. These are available to book per person /night. You can book Masmästaren and add beds as needed in Gruvfogden. 

It is also possible to only book rooms in Gruvfogden and leave all your meals to us. 


HYTTDRÄNGEN is located a stone through from the camp building. the house has 4 cozy bedrooms with 2 beds each and a shared toilet




On Uskavigården there are a total of 154 beds divided between the camp house, hostel, and the cottages. This is what gives us the option to accommodate both small and large groups.

"Vår organisation är jobbar med unga personer med allergier. På Uskavi hanterades vår långa allergilista jättebra. Allt var tydligt uppmärkt och inga som helst konstigheter med varken mat eller logi" - Unga Allergiker
Unga Alergiker
"Har varit med på läger i 15 år och ingen annan stans har vi blivit serverade så vällagad och god mat som på Uskavi" -

Self catering

Room and board

Price From 530 kr/person/day