What can you do at Uskavigården?

Happening at Uskavi

During the summer season, Uskavi invites you to join a number of activities. Church sermons are led by our summer chaplains, children's activities, and quiz walks.

You can also partake in classic Uskavi activities such as miniature gold, canoeing, kayaking, rowing, or our newest classic stand-up paddleboarding. 



Aktiviteter - Paddla

Paddling & cykling.

Paddle canoe, kayak SUP or row one of our boats in Lake Usken or why not go around the close by island?

We also offer rentals for bicycles. All rentals are handled in the reception.

Aktiviteter - Fiska


A fIshing license is for sale in the reception but also online at
Read more about Lake Usken's fishing association 

Aktiviteter - Minigolf

Miniature golf

Uskavigården has a 12-course miniature golf course. Can you beat the record?


Family; 80 kr.
Adult (+12 years) 35 kr.
Children 15 kr.

Aktiviteter - Bad

Lake swimming

Lake Usken has clean and clear water to swim in. Our swimming area is voted to be the best swimming area in the county by the magazine Närkes Allehandla's readers. By the shore, we have our lake cottage with toys, balls, etc that you can borrow for a fun day by the lake.

Aktiviteter - Bollsport

Ball games

At Uskavigården there is space for plenty of sports and other activities.

Try volleyball, football, and rounders. Or why not small ball throwing? We have items for borrowing in the reception or down by the lake cottage.

Aktiviteter - Vandring


The hiking trail Bergslagsleden has one of its part-way stops here at Uskavi. Hike the forest and experience the stillness and the majesty of the forest.

The historic Bergslagen;

A cultural heritage.

Surrounding us are the forests and the waters. In Bergslagen there is plenty to experience and explore.

Cycling- At Uskavigården you can rent a bicycle to experience biking around the lake. The road around Lake Usken is 21 km long and excellent for a day trip and there are several nice places to stop along the way. 

Paddling- At Uskavigården you can rent a canoe, kayak, or SUP to paddle in the lake. it is also possible to rent and take them to another lake or stream to explore some of the paddling routes in the area.

Car- For things that may be a bit further or if you prefer the car there are plenty of places to go exploring for a day trip. 


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