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Finding your way;

From Örebro. Drive on the R50 towards Falun. At Skärmarboda you can see the sign for Nora and road 243, take the Nora exit. In Nora, you will see signs for USkavigården 15 km. 
Tips:  In Skärmarboda the tourist road "Tre sjöars Väg" ( three lakes road) starts. It is marked with a brown sign with a white flower. Tre sjöars väg goes all the way to Uskavigården. 

From Lindesberg; Drive towards R50. Turn towards Fanthyttan (to the north) and take a left onto Tre Sjöars väg. Drive along that road for 4 km along the lake and you will have Uskavi to your right.

From Stockholm; Drive along the E18 towards Örebro. In Arboga turn towards Lindesberg. After that follow the instructions above from Lindesberg.


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