Rules of conduct



  • The noise is to be kept down between 23:00-07:00.
  • The noise is to be kept down between 23:00-07:00. We ask our guests to be good role models for children and young adults staying at Uskavigården, by behaving responsibly when it comes to alcohol.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in common areas
  • Usage of drugs is strictly forbidden.
  • Rökning och användning av e-cigaretter är strikt förbudet i våra lokaler och fimpar lämnas endast i askkoppar. Vi ber gäster att endast röka vid anvisat område.
  • Pets are allowed but owners should;
    • Hålla djur kopplade/inhägnande på området (undantag vid djurbadplatsen).
    • Pick up after your pets
  • Refilling of drinking water, emptying of gray water and sorting and disposing of waste is to be done only on marked spots.
  • BBQ-ing is allowed at designated areas. Coal and Ash is to be disposed up in designated drums at the environmental station.

Service house

  • Children are not to be left alone in the servicehouse
  • After using the facilities, you are to clean and wash up after yourselves.
  • Plates, pots and alike are not to be taken from the service house.
  • Furniture is to be placed back as they were after use.
  • Rubbish is to be sorted appropriately.
  • Food and dry goods are to be left only at designated spots.
  • Uskavigårdedn is not responsible for food left at the servicehouse. Mark your things. On Fridays the refrigerators and freezers are gone over, unmarked or expired food will be thrown out.
  • Show consideration to other guests.
  • No pets in the service house
  • Det är ej tillåtet att röka, användning av e-cigarette, eller att dricka alkohol inne i byggnaderna.
  • Showercurtainsare to be left open after use.
  • Scrape away water after you have finished your shower.
  • Rinse out the sink after usage.
  • Uskavigården is not responsible for items left in the changing rooms.
  • Notify the reception if the paper waste baskets are full, if the papers are out or other things that need attention.