Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions groups

Terms and conditions groups

Groups of 10+ persons

Booking and Confirmation

At booking provide the following;

  • The groups and the contact persons name and contact information.
  • Date of arrival and leave.
  • Numbers of guests.
  • Potential meals you would like catered.
  • Wishes in regard of activities
  • What type of board and additional facilities you wish to use.
  • How you will be paying.
  • If you wish to book departure cleaning.

Bekräftelse av bokningen sker skriftligt via mejl.
The booking is binding for both parts after the booking has been confirmed by the customer.

Arrival and departure

Booked rooms and facilities are available from 15:00 arrival day. On departure day all rooms/cottages/facilities shall be clean and keys left at reception at the latest 12.00 if nothing else has been agreed upon.


The group only has access to the facilities that have been booked.
Facilities shall be cleaned and vacated at the latest12.00 departure day.


If catering is booked the number of guests and any potential allergens are to be provided at the latest 2 weeks before arrival.


The leader of the group is responsible for to make sure that rooms and facilities are cleaned. Cleaning materials and instructions are available in the cottages/rooms. A checklist is provided by reception.

Cleaning and sheets are not included in the regular prices but can be added.
Avresestädning kostar 750 kr per strandstuga, 550 kr per kolhus och 250 kr per rum.
Failure to pass the cleaning inspection will result in a fine of 1 500 sek

Gällande Masmästaren kostar bokad städning 750 kr/timma. Icke bokad städ kostar 1500kr +750 kr/timma.


Cancellations are to be made at the latest 60 days prior to arrival. Cancellations after will be debited according to the following;

  • Cancellations 60 - 30 days prior to arrival - 30% of the total price.
  • Cancellations 29 - 14 days prior to arrival - 50% of the total price.
  • Cancellations 13 - 0 days prior to arrival - 100% of the total price.


Uskavigården ansvarar för dig och dina ägodelar endast om skada vållats av vår personal.
Vid skadegörelse bli gruppen ersättningsskyldig. Uskavigården har rätt att avvisa de grupper som bryter mot gårdens ordningsregler.


Husdjur är endast tillåtet i vissa rum och stugor. Meddela vid bokning om ni har med er husdjur. Hundar skall hållas kopplade på området och får inte vistas på badplatsen. Det finns ett eget hundbad vid båtbryggan.

Lost and found

Things forgotten or found at Uskavigården will only be kept for 30 days, after witch they will be donated to charity.


As a rule Uskavigården will send an invoice within 7 days of arrival, with 10 days to pay, as number of guest nights, rooms and facilities should have been finalized. If extra participants are joining an additional invoice will be sent. Invoices are sent via Fortnox Finance, who automatically sends reminders if payment has not been received within agreed upon time. Late fees are 8%.

Other rules

Consumption of alcohol is not allowed on grounds. Smokers are refereed to designated areas.
Between 11 pm and 7 am it is to be quiet and calm on the grounds

Seven days prior to arrival

To avoid errors and misconceptions we ask that you call or email us a week before arrival and go through the following list or we will send an invoice for the latest given information.

Please confirm

  • Exact number of participants
  • Potential dietary needs
  • Time of arrival
  • Time of departure
  • Times for meals
  • If you would like to add cleaning t your booking
  • Need of technical equipment

We hope you enjoy your stay

Rules as of 2021-01-01