Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for private guests

Terms and conditions for private guests

(Bookings for 10 or more guests see 'Terms and conditions for groups')

Booking and Confirmation

At booking provide the following;

  • Name and contact information.
  • Date of arrival and leave.
  • If you will be wanting catering
  • If you wish to rent bed linen and towels 95 sek/set
  • If you wish to add departure cleaning.
  • If you are bringing pets.

Arrival and departure

De hyrda rummen/stugorna disponeras från 15:00 ankomstdagen. På avresedagen skall rummen/stugorna vara städade och utrymda senast kl 12.00.


Om du inte har beställt slutstäd ansvarar du för att rummet/stugan blir ordentligt städat. Städmaterial och städinstruktioner finns i respektive stuga/rum. Avcheckningslista går att få i receptionen.
Slutstäd kostar 750 kr för Strandstuga, 500 kr för Kolhus och 200 kr per rum.
Failure to pass the cleaning inspection will result in a fine of 1 500 sek


Avbokning till och med kl 15:00 3 dygn före beräknad ankomst kan göras utan kostnad. Efter det debiteras hela kostnaden.


Pets are only allowed in specific cottages/rooms. Pets are to be kept on leach while on the grounds. A surcharge of 50 sek is to be paid for bringing pests.


Payment is to be taken upon arrival in reception. we do not send invoices to privet gussets

Other rules

Consumption of alcohol is not allowed on grounds. Smokers are refereed to designated areas.
Between the hours of 23:00 and 7:00 we ask that guest are considerate of the noice they are making.

We never guarantee a specific cottage or camping spot. We always do our best to accommodate your wishes but it can not be guaranteed.

Under 18 år kräver vi målsman för bokning.

We hope you enjoy your stay

Rules as of 2021-01-01